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Posted by Sheree Palmer on

We have some exciting news I wanted to share with you…..


I am not of a business background, or have much experience on social media, in fact I did not even have a facebook account! It has been a VERY steep learning curve for me, and I am still learning, every day & there is still so much I need to learn.


One of my biggest things was protection, and no not that kind of protection 😉, my husband constantly reminded me that I should copyright my design, and boy I am so pleased I listened to his advice. It’s fantastic to see more brands popping up and gradually we can make cloth mainstream but there is always the element of fear that I might one day see mine pop up…….Well, I don’t need to worry now, I own the design and have it registered. We received our certificate & we are now legally protected against copying or make too similar.


We also have Trademark protection with our logo which is another relief. I never really thought about it before, but people do copy in this world and that makes me super sad. But having these two ticked of the list is peace of mind that we are now protected.

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