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Love Luna Bikini Brief Black
Love Luna Bikini Brief Black
Love Luna Bikini Brief Black
Love Luna Bikini Brief Black

Love Luna Bikini Brief Black


Love Luna Underwear – Bikini Brief is super effective!

  1. Love Luna Underwear – Bikini Brief is a great overall fit, giving you maximum comfort throughout the day.
  2. It has a super sleek 3mm thick absorbent core which makes it feel like everyday underwear.
  3. The built absorbency layer helps tackle a gentle period flow as well as your normal daily vaginal discharge. Overall, this will keep you feeling fresh throughout the day!
  4. Always make sure your underwear fits snugly around your legs to improve its effectiveness, in other words the sizing is key to its overall effectiveness!

Care Instructions: Love Luna Underwear – Bikini Brief everyday underwear is washable, reusable & easy to care for. Follow these simple steps to improve their longevity!

  1. Wash prior to use. (This improves it’s absorbency)
  2. Always wash in cold water with similar colours.
  3. A delicate’s bag will help protect them from zips and buttons.
  4. Please line-dry only, in the sunshine if you can!


  1. Tumble drying, ironing and dry cleaning may destroy the waterproof layer. Please avoid these at all times.
  2. DO NOT: Add any fabric softener, bleach or soak your period underwear.

    Colour: Dahlia

    Know your flow: The Bikini brief absorbs 10-15 ml and can be worn on its own or as a backup. Only you know your flow.

    Gentle Flow: If you flow 10-15 mls  gently over 4-6 hours then this underwear will work well for you.

    “Gush Flow”: If you “gush” 10-15 mls all at once on and off throughout the day then this underwear may not be suitable.

    Heavy Flow: Love Luna Period Underwear is not recommended to be worn alone as your only method of period protection if you have a heavy flow, unless you plan on changing frequently.

    Back up: This underwear is the perfect partner when using a menstrual cup or tampons!

    ** Please check the size chart before purchasing. WE DO NOT EXCHANGE OR REFUND ANY PERIOD UNDERWEAR FOR HYGIENE REASONS. We suggest buying one pair first to check the size. 





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