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Cloth wipes……..shall we or shall we not?

Posted by Sheree Palmer on

Cloth Wipes


Cloth wipes……..shall we or shall we not?


I have had a bit of an issue with wipes…….I tried to make my own using paper towels, a solution…even spent hours meticulously folding them into a tuppaware box so they pulled through like a box of tissues. It was, in my opinion, a waste of my precious time.  I moved on to using cheap face wipes, but they would shrink after a couple of washes and ended too small and too rough and went too thin, and then there were the ones that just seemed to move the poo around the bum rather than just cleaning it off…..anyone relate…..? I mean really, what is that all about!?


And so, after months of trial and error I have come up with some amazing wipes. I have been through lots in the planning and testing stages, different material, sizes, layers…. you name it, I tried it.  Until, I ended up with 3 that I liked and eventually decided on ‘the one’. Now you must have all gathered by now that I am a bit of a perfectionist, it actually drives me a little nuts, but at least you know I’ve put in the yards to get you a fantastic product.  


So here we have it……the no poo smearing, super soft, super absorbent Fluffy Ducks wipe 😊




The funny story is, after going through every material known to man I ended up with the same material as our inserts!!  So as you will know they are super soft, highly absorbent and you can throw them in the wash with your nappies! I am so impressed with these wipes, I hope you are too.


Launching soon.....

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