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Perfectly Imperfect

Posted by Sheree Palmer on


Mama’s and Papa’s……


As with all businesses there are times when things do not go as planned…..and when it is your small business that you have worked so hard on, it’s a tuff blow.


As you all know we create our own prints and it is with a VERY heavy heart that I have to tell you there is a slight error on the file, which has subsequently been printed on the material for the nappy ☹  


Our beautiful Northern Lights is perfectly imperfect, with one of the winter deer’s having a slight misalignment.  On some nappies it might not be obvious while others it might be.



While this is just aesthetics and by no means affects the function of our amazing nappy, I wanted to let you all know as this print is launching Friday for pre-sale and there will be no re-stocking of this print.

The important information: 

As a solo nappy this print will be discounted.

If you choose to add this print to a value pack please note there will be no further discounts since our packs are already heavily discounted. 


Thank you for your continued support, especially during these difficult times. It really means to world to me and my family.

Sheree @ Fluffy Ducks


Launching May 8th 8pm 2020

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