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Hemp Inserts - commonly used for overnight

Posted by Sheree Palmer on


Tackling overnight can be a right pickle…..there are so many factors to consider, heavy wetters, age, how they sleep, how much milk they drink…..the list goes on…..

I am all for saving money and so my first point of call for overnight is adding a wool cover….usually under 12months maybe older for a light wetter. Saving you a heap of cash.

Next I would be looking to use a hemp insert, which is the most absorbent you’ll find, I would start with mixing a bamboo insert with hemp to begin with and as bubs grows use both hemp and possible add a wool cover. You can even boost our double hemp inserts by folding over one, so you have more absorbency at the front – where most babies need it for sleeping. Or simply add one to your existing combination for the ultimate boost. Just remember that hemp is the slowest at absorption, so you may want to top the combination with bamboo if your wee ones flood.

That’s just a few ideas for you…..


And so…….here are our Plush hemp inserts


Launching May 8th 8pm 2020

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